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Yukimshinmoon :
An Esoteric Apporoach to Becoming Shinsun(Taoist hermit)

Yukimshinmoon is a system of qigong featuring Yang-Sang-Hwal-Sul-Gi-Nai-Gong, which means “art of nourishing life and practicing chi” to reach the level of shinsun. It has been handed down secretly and exclusively from master to disciple since it was established by Zuo Ci, founder and first Grand Master, in 184 at Yusun valley in mount Tianzhu, Anhui, China. Now it is available to everybody as the 35th Grand Master Ja Sun decided to open the system to the world.

What are the features of qigong in YUKIMSHINMOON?
Yukim generally means six kinds of chi or six direction such as heaven, earth, east, west, north and south. But in Yukimshinmoon it means especially six worlds or dimensions of training : Yin Dimension, Yang Dimension, Reaching sanctity Dimension, Void Dimension, Truth Dimension and ultimate Dimension.
The qigong practiced in Yukimshinmoon is named Yang-Sang-Hwal-Sul-Gi-Nai-Gong. Its meaning is first and foremost “art of nourishing life and practicing chi” but it will reveal hidden meanings as your level of qigong goes up higher, In Yukimshinmoon more than 1,300 specific arts of Yang-Sang-Hwal-Sul-Gi-Nai-Gong have been handed down from ancient times. By practicing them you can operate chi of heaven, earth and human, pacify your body and mind, and attain the wisdom of cosmos, all the way to the ultimate level of shinsun.

The Courses Offered in YUKIMSHINMOON
Eastern Center of Yukimshinmoon offers two main courses : Basic course and Advanced course, When you sign up for Eastern Center, you are automatically enrolled in Basic course, In Basic course, you are expected to pursue 6-month training where you are taught vy a designated trainer basic skills in qigong including breathing and basic movements acted out in various position standing, sitting, lying, etc. After completing Basic course, you are entitled to a regular member of Eastern Center of Yukimshinmoon. At the same time you are enrolled in Advanced course where you can develop your potentials in qigong under the guidance of Master of Eastern Center and sometimes Grand Master of Yukimshinmoon. If you are earnest in following instructions and practising qigong on a daily basis for a certain time, you can experience incredible phenomena and acquire precious abilities such as healing th sick and directing your fortune.
All the classes in Eastern Center are held at the summit of Mount Kumjung, Busan, South Korea, every Saturday 6 a.m. to 9a.m. all the year around. In addition Eastern Center offers a pilgrimage to a sacred site domestically three thimes a year and overseas once a year for special training.

The Organization of YUKIMSHINMOON
For more than 1,800 years it was established by Zou Ci, Yukimshinmoon has been inherited solely by a few disciples directly from their masters in one-on-one teaching. Grand Masters back then would not open the methodology to ordinary people for ear that they should misuse supernatural powers they supposed to gain after completing it. However, Ja Sun, the 35th Grand Master made a decision to open the system to the world and set up five main chi training centers such as Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern/Trans chi training centers. Out of five, Eastern Chi Training Center locate in Mount Kumjung, Busan, South Korea is the most prestigious led by Master Hyo Gok. He was anointed by Ja sun as the one who attained art of reaching heaven through secret methods of practising chi.
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