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Yukimshinmoon of present-day

Grand Master Ja Sun who had inherited the secret method of Internal Exercises for Fostering Life and Practicing Chi set up Obang, a collection of five main chi training centers which are Dongmoonbang, Seomoonbang, Nammoonbang, Bukmoonbang, and Tongmoonbang(Dong, Seo, Nam, Buk, and Tong mean east, west, south, north and trans respectively) after he determined to open the secret to ordinary people. Out of five Dongmoonbang has its prestige of disciplining guided by Leader Hyokok on the top of Mount Kumjung in Busan, South Korea.          

Statement of Master Hyo Kok, Leader of Dongmoonbang

For almost 1,800 years since Founding Grand Master Zuo Ci Wonbang established Yukimshinmoon, only a few masters have handed down the secret methodology from guru to disciple, preventing ordinary people from introducing to it for fear that they should misuse supernatural powers they are supposed to gain after completing the method. 

However Hahrabuhji, the present Grand Master Ja Sun, decided to open Yukimshionmoon and ordered me to teach people how to foster life and practise chi through internal exercises as leader of Dongmoonbang.


(to be continued)

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